Titanium is the perfect material to take on the less ridden trails
Light, stiff, strong and basically corrosion free unless you have eons to ride, titanium is masterful at absorbin buzz and vibration and this property also makes for a bike - when combined with sensible geometries

Grade 9 titanium (the highest grade employable for bike frame manufacture) is used on the main tubes for the optimum balance of weight, stiffness and strength, and these are seamless, cold released and the frame constructed by hand.

with clearance for up to 42mm. tires front and rear
disc brakes with standard thru axle 142 x 12 ( frame )

Technical Information:
Titanium alloy 3AL – 2.5V (Grade 9) frame
Bottom bracket : BSA threading
Dropouts CNC machined Ti. Grade 5
Seamless tubes, cold released
Tapered headtube 11/2"
headtube: 44 mm. internal
Disc brakes : Flat mount
Axles: 142x12 thru-axle