Limited Lifetime Warranty
• All Nevi titanium frames

Limited two years warranty
• All Nevi titanium components
• Small frame parts, including but not limited to seat tops, sliding dropouts, and replaceable
derailleur hangers, seat clamps, alu cable stops, aluminium front stem cap if properly
mounted ( 5 N m with torque wrench)
• Seatpost ( 15 N m with torque wrench )

Not warranted
• Paint
• Decals, bronze and gold etching, black finishing
• Components and accessories not branded with the Nevi name

Nevi, warrants the repair or replacement of Nevi branded parts—including frames and
components—due to defective workmanship and/or materials subject to the following conditions:
1. The warranty is valid to the original retail purchaser only, and only for the time the person
owns the frame.
2. The warranty registration card is completed and returned to Nevi within ten days of
3. All warranty claims are transacted through an authorized Nevi retailer by the original
purchaser, with proof of purchase.
4. Nevi retains sole option to repair or replace the frame as it sees fit.
5. In no event will Nevi be responsible for consequential or special damages, including, but
not limited to, pain and suffering. The bicycle rider assumes the risk of personal injury and
understands that riding a bicycle assumes certain risks out of the realm of product
performance or failure.
6. Nevi will pay ground-shipping expenses from its factory back to the retailer when work is
completed. The customer is responsible for any expenses related to shipping the frame or
components to Nevi for warranty evaluation or work.
Nevi does not warrant frames or branded components against malfunctions or failures that result
from abuse, neglect, improper maintenance, alteration, modification, improper assembly, use of
parts not consistent with intended use, accident, competition, stunt riding, jumping, or commercial
use. The frame should not have dents, otherwise warranty declines
7.when there is the possible crack of the frame, the frame itself is not to be used, and communicated within two days to the manufacturing company, Nevi.
8. The customer is responsible for all costs to disassemble and reassemble the bike.

In additional, Nevi does not warrant frames or branded components if they have been altered in
any way, including but not limited to such processes such as welding, brazing, filing, polishing,
drilling, bead blasting, or anodizing, or through attempted repairs by any persons other than Nevi.
This is the only warranty provided by Nevi on the products it fabricates.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from
state to state.
Any disputes arising out of this Agreement or the use of this product will be governed by the laws
of the country of Italy and will be decided by the Courts of Bergamo, Italy