Nevi was founded in 1992 thanks to the determination of the co-founders Sergio Finazzi and his wife Consuelo, their vision was to excel and stand out from the other bicycle frames brands by choosing to work a noble material such as Titanium.

Sergio Finazzi desire to create Nevi came from his experience as a professional cyclist from 1987 to 1990 : famous was his stage won at Tirreno-Adriatico in 1987, third overall in the Tour of Britain in 1987 and seventh place at a historic stage of the Tour of Italy in 1988, which set off from the Chiesa Valmanenco and saw the arrival of the racers in Bormio exhausted from cold and bad weather faced on the Passo Gavia. The stage was the snow and this extremely intense experience, full of sacrifice, led to important memories, along with a passion for the mountain itself, therefore the brand choice of the company : NEVI .

Years of research, design and hard work guarantee the highest level of technological innovation providing our customers uniqueness, reliability, safety, excellence and above all the certainty of the "Made in Italy".
Innovation in Nevi is paramount, and numerous ideas and projects have been developed and supported by engineers and experts of Titanium as technological systems in the company’s headquarter.
Our Milestones :
In 1992 Nevi developed the innovative Titanium downtube shaped frame as a valid alternative versus the classic round downtube section.
In 1994 Nevi introduced a true “ ground breaker “ ,the Titanium frame with an integrated seat-post
In 1995 another Nevi innovation was launched by introducing the stem with four bolts on the front, this system was then adopted by the cycling Industry overall as a standard, previous to this the handlebar was supported by a stem with only two bolts which was less rigid and less resistant than the new type with four bolts. NEVI was the first company to do it.
In 2000 Nevi introduced the surface finishing of Titanium that as of now, no one has managed to recreate: the finishing graphics is the treatment of the surface finish that makes the brand and model name elegant in contrast with the classic grey titanium. Finishing can be customized to our clients needs.