Quality policy

The quality policy requires that, consistently with the corporate mission, the management of all company processes is set with the rules specific to the application of the Quality Management System, according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.
This system regulates the organizational and technical activities applied by Nevi S.r.l. systematically, planned, documented and aimed at achieving the following goals:
the continuous improvement of the methods for managing the assembly and welding processes of titanium components for the industry, design, assembly and welding of titanium bicycles;
the achievement of a high level of effectiveness and efficiency in the production of these products.
The achievement of the objectives set through the Quality Policy will also be possible through the scrupulous and punctual application of what is reported in the documents of the Quality System, which defines and describes the quality management system issued by Nevi Srl

The High Management of Nevi Srl, is committed to pursuing the full realization and the continuous evolution of the Quality Management System in order to consolidate and improve the image of the company, also through the commitment and professionalism of all the staff company.

In order for the Quality Policy to be fully realized, the organization undertakes to:
define it taking into consideration the internal and external factors that influence it and the context in which it operates;
define it taking into consideration the expectations of the interested parties;
describe the company's capabilities in the quality system and provide a product with quality assurance;
guarantee the personal safety and training of its employees;
prevent damage and non-compliance that may cause damage to the image and the organization's operations;
detect and examine non-conformities to improve the applied quality system with adequate corrective actions;
ensure that the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard are applied and maintained over time;
implement the applied quality system to provide an 'excellent' service.

The Directorate Nevi Srl task is to manage the Quality system and to prepare and follow the application of the Quality System, in order to guarantee:
the uniformity of the application of the company quality policy, here formulated consistently with the corporate mission;
verification, through internal audits extended to all management areas, that the requirements imposed by the quality management system are applied, maintained and improved.
coordination between company managers, customers and external suppliers;
the provision of the resources necessary to contain the identified risks.

The QMS, implemented according to the application of the Quality System and the documents referred to therein, is managed in accordance with the relevant regulations.
The Management (DGE) and the Quality Manager (RGQ) are responsible for evaluating and adopting all the organizational and technical measures they deem necessary to maintain the Quality Management System over time.

09.01.2019 The management of Nevi S.r.l.