Industrial sector

Industrial sector

NEVI was founded in 1992, thanks to the determination of its founder Sergio Finazzi, specialized in the construction of Grade 9 and Grade 5 titanium frames for racing and mountain bikes. Today it is an efficient and dynamic company, operating in different sectors, where quality and specialization in the machining of titanium and its alloys parts is required. The company is able to meet the various needs of customers, both for small, medium and large series production, starting from the raw material up to the finished product, defined by design. Thanks to the success and loyalty of our customers, today the company is present not only in the cycling sector but also in the food, chemical, medical, motorcycle and automotive industries. Nevi is able to guarantee its customers, also thanks to the technical know-how acquired and to special equipments.

The welding is made in a completely inert atmosphere (saturated with argon gas), a process that allows to achieve results objectively not achievable with other titanium welding processes.

The special cycle of the process is the welding, which is carried out inside a special cabin (extendable up to 3 m in length) in which a vacuum is created and then inert gas (argon) is introduced. This is a recommended procedure in the aeronautical and automotive sectors, i.e. where special expertise and precision in welding is required. Only welding in an argon gas atmosphere allows the characteristics of titanium to be maintained unaltered and makes it possible to weld seams with a section of 6-7 mm, extending the melting zone to a section of 20 mm!

The Nevi production, based on the experience gained over the years, prepares the work phases in such a way as to ensure maximum flexibility and reliability, so as to adapt to any production sector. The industrial cycle begins with the control of raw materials and proceeds with the phases divided into first processes and finishes, meeting strict quality standards from time to time.

certificate: welder's qualification test UNI EN ISO 9606-5:2001

Equipped with our high vacuum chambers in our facility, the process commences with :

1) Vacuum process with 2 pumps to withdraw oxgen and idrogen
2) Once reached the optimum “ high Vacuum “ index then Argon gas is inserted to reach the optimal pressure of 4/5 millibar above the current pressure
3) This pressure is optimal to avoid air contamination
4) The process of welding is then initiated by our team experts
5) Titanium is then worked according to our client’s “taylor made” setting